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Feb 24, 2021

We can’t seem to stop talking about the value of workers unions on our meme podcast. This week, we dig into the role of Twitter in the Reply All/Gimlet/Bon Appetit drama that’s unfolding. Also, Amanda tells the story about how recently, she accidentally became a dog’s press secretary. She also shares how not-so-recently, she participated in a Lincoln-Douglass debate about the Cullen family at Borders. Plus, apparently dads are on Clubhouse? Who knew! 


Show Notes

Gimlet thread from Eric Eddings:

Levi Fetterman’s dog breed announcement:

Dogs as campaign surrogates:

Dick cake:

Amanda’s dad is on Clubhouse:

Ashton vs. Anderson:

Blaseball returns (and we’ll have an episode about it in a few weeks):


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