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Feb 17, 2021

If you think shitposting can’t get you anywhere, think again. Meet Organizer Memes, the Hannah Montana of progressive political Twitter: by day, they’re just another organizer, knocking door-to-door in the rain. By night, they’re an anonymous Internet personality rubbing virtual elbows with Senators like Jon Ossoff, who they got to tweet “Memes” once. But memes aren’t all fun and games – the account’s anonymity allows organizers to submit stories of their hardships in campaign work in a protected way. Now, Organizer Memes has over 12,000 followers, and their tweets often amass millions of views – but as our anonymous friend says, “It doesn’t matter how many followers I have. I need this for my sanity.”


Show Notes

Organizer Memes:

Jon Ossoff woke up and chose memes:

Campaign Abuse thread:

Amanda dunks on the Lincoln Project:

Learn more about the impact of youth organizers:

Organizer Memes merch store:

Organizer Moms:


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