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Jan 27, 2021

After the Inauguration, the internet has become even stranger. Why are Senators feuding on TikTok? Is it possible that Dean/Castiel canonization in the CW’s Supernatural is a predictor of major events in U.S. politics? Plus, we’re joined by special guest Tatiana Tenreyro, a pop culture journalist who went viral for her Bernie meme Instagram account @theberniealbums. The pure joy of seeing Bernie in his mittens may have been short-lived, but our quest for internet fame is not. This week, we continue to plot our world domination (by that, we mean, write Jewish fanfic and do sword tricks on TikTok).

Show Notes

Dean/Castiel canonization x U.S. Politics timeline:

Senator Bob Casey loves us:

We love Senator Bob Casey’s clapback TikTok:

Tatiana’s Bernie meme account:

Tatiana’s Twitter:

Tatiana’s Bushwick Boy quiz:

Amanda is quoted as a Jewish meme expert (sort of):

Amanda’s best Bernie meme:

Kilroy was here:

Hold on tight, spidermonkey:

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