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Jun 1, 2022

Wikipedian of the Year and Actual Real Doctor Emily Temple-Wood returns to the pod! We talk about the worst thing on the internet this week -- the Winnie the Pooh slasher film -- then answer your burning medical questions: how did they do surgery on a grape? Did people really eat tide pods? How does ibuprofen work? What went wrong when Bella Swan gave birth? Get ready, it's morbin' time. 

Timestamp trigger warnings: 

27 - Surgery and debraidment
30 - Abortion
31 - Byopsies
32 - Children in medical distress
34 - Eye trauma
35:30 - Strokes
36 - Opiates
38 - Pooping
41 - Childbirth
43 - Drug mention
46 - Boofing and enemas
48 - Mensturation
49:30 - Death


Winnie the Pooh horror film:

Redacted cursed Glee thread:


Also Emily!

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