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Feb 16, 2022

In this episode: there’s nothing wrong with web3 and it is going just great, because we’ve entered a parallel dimension where crypto doesn’t exist but women do. That’s a lie: we’re here to talk about the biggest financial seizure in history, cryptoland, and also, Razzlekhan. And we’re joined by special guest Molly White, creator of “web3 is going just great,” a site that chronicles the many stumbles web3 has while it continues its sigma grindset. Also, Amanda raps. So you should listen for that, at the very least.


Show Notes 

Web3 is going just great:

Molly’s website:

Abuse and harassment on the blockchain:

Razzlekhan video:

Cryptoland video: 

Crypto money laundering scandal:

Deep dive on Razzlekhan:



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