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Apr 28, 2021

This week, we talk about Joshfight, Jeopardy, finding internet community in weird places, Isabel’s recipe for intentionally bad bibimbap, and our scheduling update. Long story short, to prevent burnout, we are making the decision to take 2 weeks off and then start releasing bi-weekly episode. This will make the show better and more sustainable in the longterm! Thanks for y’alls support thus far <3


Show Notes

Isabel’s Story:

Simming History:

Josh Fight:

Little Josh for Super Smash:

Great Gatsby but Scoliosis:

Good recipe, add beans:


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Wow If True was created by Isabel J. Kim and Amanda Silberling. Our music is by Sam Rizer, our cover art is by Isabel J. Kim, and our production is by Amanda Silberling. We like memes.