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Apr 14, 2021

When Steve Ibsen was in high school, he made the Kitty Cat Dance, which went viral – but, this was 2004, when YouTube didn’t even exist, and the internet was even wilder than it is now, so he lost control of the Kitty Cat Dance! His meme was used without his permission by Hot Topic and Roblox, and finally, 17 years later, Steve turned the video into an NFT to regain some control. What the #*$*(@ is an NFT? Why are meme creators using them? Listen to find out!


Show Notes

The Kitty Cat Dance:
Why Steve Auctioned Kitty Cat Dance as an NFT:
Steve’s TikTok:
Steve’s website:
Mouse Night:
Chug Jug With You - Goofy Version:
More explanation of NFTs:

Just dropping this here:


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