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Mar 10, 2021

The Garages write music about the Blaseball, a web-browser horror/comedy game taking the internet by reverb. It’s a fanband! Like fanfiction, but music, but also extremely punk rock. Today we’re here with Robin Yu, one of the Garages’ over 100 members, to talk about going collectively viral—but also to talk about the Bee Movie, Twilight, Supernatural, Pokemon Go, and a bunch of other similar malarkey! It’s fine! Play blall!


Show Notes

Post-interview, Robin asked us to clarify that the fourth strike server is open only to those currently working on existing projects, not people totally new to the collective, so this is us clarifying! 

Robin’s soundcloud:

The Garages’ bandcamp:

Discipline double LP:

Amanda wrote about Blaseball:

Play Blaseball!


Songs We Mentioned

UR TOO SLOW by 100 Crabs:

froggy chair song by poop wizard:

Godspeed by The Garages:

Dial Tone from Blaseball the Musical:


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