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Mar 3, 2021

Ten episodes in, and finally, Amanda went viral! Unfortunately, it was for a dick joke. Meanwhile, Isabel is getting paid on Tumblr to psychoanalyze people. We also discuss Amanda’s long lost Hollywood relative, why people are selling ocean galaxy lights on Twitter, cryptoart, and a life-changing truth about none pizza with left beef. As our lives slowly spin out of control, we also take time to reflect on how the podcast is going – let us know your thoughts!


Show Notes

Amanda’s viral dick joke:

Why are these projectors all over Twitter:

You need to know this wild fact about None Pizza with Left Beef:

Isabel published a story this week and we’re putting it in the show notes because you should read it:

Actually this was just an elaborate excuse so that Amanda doesn’t feel bad about linking her Blaseball feature, but we’re doing a Blaseball episode next week so it makes sense:


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Wow If True was created by Isabel J. Kim and Amanda Silberling. Our music is by Sam Rizer, our cover art is by Isabel J. Kim, and our web design/audio editing is by Amanda Silberling. We like memes.