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Jan 13, 2021

Hey, it’s our first episode! We introduce you to your intrepid co-hosts Isabel and Amanda as they strive to become famous on the internet. We talk about Obama reading Marx to impress ethereal bisexuals, the end of Supernatural (it was still running!?), the secret underground world of fanfic publishing, and so much more. Thoughts on the show? Tweet us at @wowiftruepod!


Show Notes

That time when Amanda got paid to write about memes:

The thing we got a cease & desist for which IS NO LONGER ON THE INTERNET YOU CANNOT PURCHASE IT:

“I yield my time, fuck you” guy:

Ratatouille the Musical (okay, we recorded this in December and it shows):

Politicians as D&D classes:

#obama lore:


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About Us 

Wow If True was created by Isabel J. Kim and Amanda Silberling. Our music is by Sam Rizer, our cover art is by Isabel J. Kim, and our web design/mediocre audio editing is by Amanda Silberling. We like memes.