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Sep 15, 2021

We happen to have a good ol’ buddy who /competed in the Olympics/, so of course, we had to have her on the show so that we could ask her about the supposed “anti-sex” Olympic beds. Meet Regina Salmons, a real life Olympic Rower who competed for Team USA in the Women’s 8 race! She’s 6’1”, not 6’0”, and she’s here to talk with us about the best Olympics memes from Olympics TikTok (where, of course, she was also featured in some viral TikToks).  Also, there’s a lot of free condom discourse here, we’re very sorry. Isabel insists we add “imma keep it real with you former prime minister of japan shinzo abe, these beds will NOT improve japan's birthrate" here.


Show Notes

The ESPN Olympic Village sex feature:

The New York Times had to debunk the anti-sex bed thing:

Regina is (kinda) TikTok famous, thanks to teammate Kendall Chase, who is (actually) TikTok famous:

Vox said this TikTok featuring Regina was “very viral” so…:

Really, Olympic Village TikTok is a thing: 

Olympic Village showers can’t fit 7-foot-tall athletes:

The confusing dining hall trash system:

Cockroach close-up:

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